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important it was to have an education outside, to be able to speak another language, and it would help me through my life in the future. i wanted actually to be an architect and an engineer like my uncles were, but because of the cuba -- instead of going to the university of miami, which i was accepted, i decided to go and fight for my country. c-span: what did you learn in pennsylvania about what your own interests were, in pennsylvania, when you went to school there? did you -- what did you begin to think were going to be your interests, and where did you go after school? >> guest: well, my interest when i went to high school first there was engineering and architecture, but as things turned different in cuba, back in 1959, when fidel took over, i concentrated my thoughts on being able to return to my county, and that is the thing that prevailed then and now. i think it is my main objective in life. that is why i went to the training camps in -- first, the one in the dominican republic, that was the first action that we had, and it was not with the agency at the time, it was back in 195
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1